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Documentos Digitalizados CRID Enero 2006 II Parte

Documentos Digitalizados

La información publicada en ésta sección es de distribución general del CRID. Se pueden utilizar extractos de ésta para revisar, reproducir o traducir con fines investigativos o de estudio privado pero no para su venta o uso con fines comerciales.


2321 Morbidity of hurricane Elena.
2322 Hurricane Gilbert.
2348 Cyclone deaths in Bangladesh, May 1985 : Who was at risk.
2437 Emotional and physical distress following hurricane Agnes in Wyoming Valley of Pennsylvania.
2694 Prudent practices for disposal of chemicals from laboratories.
3073 The volcano awakens ....
3090 The nature of nuclear attack.
3426 Electric current characteristics in developing countries.
3468 The nature of Mount St. Helen's ash.
3828 Nutritional status of hospitalised pre - school children Dominica before and after Hurricane David.
4008 Disaster preparedness and relief nursing in the Caribbean.
4017 Malaria epidemic in Haiti following a hurricane.
4254 The Guatemalan earthquake of February 4, 1976 : A preliminary report.
4334 Impact of a major hurricane on surgical services in a University Hospital.
4640 Report 1990 / 1991 : Overall programmes for disaster reduction in the '90s.
6101 Conference report multilateral responses to humanitarian crisis.
6102 Life threatening conditions in a crisis.
6103 Crisis, television, and public pressure.
6104 The military's role in complex humanitarian emergencies.
6105 NGOs on the front lines.
6106 Multi - national responses to humanitarian crisis : A view from the field.
6107 Talking points on UN coordination of peacekeeping, peace enforcement and humanitarian missions.
6257 A time for action : World seismic safety initiative.
6290 The rating of earthquake insurance for one - to - four family residential properties.
6291 The landslide hazards and their impact on environment and society : The experience of Sri Lanka.
6293 Flooding in Australia - Perspectives and prospects.
6294 Decline of available information on the maximum wind pattern of hurracanes.
6757 Disaster preparedness.
6841 Yokohama strategy and plan of action for a safer world : Guidelines for natural disaster prevention, preparedness and mitigation.
6950 Epidémiologie des catastrophes et déontologie des secours.
7127 Opening a policy window : The Costa Rican hospital retrofit and seismic insurance programs 1986-1992.
7132 Evaluation of earthquake damage mitigation methods for museum objects.
7438 Medical examiner/coroner reports of deaths associated with hurricane Hugo, South Carolina.
7573 A psychiatric response to disaster : The Beverly Hills Club fire : A preliminary report.
7584 The lessons of hurricane Hugo : Law enforcement responds.
7589 Dental identification of unknown bodies.
7681 Medical emergencies during air travel : Aircraft resources and guidelines for 'good samaritan' physicians.
8342 Ministry of Health hurricane preparedness plan.
9354 The fight against antipersonnel mines.
9416 Rwanda : Health sector needs and recomendations for the transition phase.
9453 Sanctions in Haiti : Crisis in humanitarian action.
9540 Kobe City restoration plan (abredged version).
9877 Spills : Response program.
9986 Social science research on mitigation of and recovery from disasters and large scale hazards in Russia.
10075 The impact of bureaux de contròle on damage levels in hurricanes.
10077 Acidente químicos ampliados : Um desafío para a saúde pública.
10085 Assessment of the accidental overexposure of radiotherapy patients at the San Juan de Dios Hospital.
10111 Report of the first global meeting of WHO collaborating centres for emergency and humanitarian action.
10116 Conclusions and recomendations.
10121 Multipurpose cyclone shelter programme : Final report : Executive summary.
10161 Airport emergency plan.
10238 Tool kit : A manual for implementation of the hurricane resistant home improvement program in the Caribbean.
10310 Regulation of flood hazard areas to reduce flood losses.
10341 Guia para rotulagem preventiva de produtos quimicos perigosos.
10376 Plano preventivo de defensa civil.
10379 Natural resource and environmental accounts for development policy.
10397 Flood proofing options for Virginia homeowners.
10399 Safety planning information for neighbors of FPL's Turkey point nuclear plant 1994 - 1995.
10400 Abatement of seismic hazards to lifelines : Proceedings of a workshop on development of an action plan : Papers on water and sewer lifelines.
10401 Scientific and engineering information needs for reducing earthquake hazards to water and sewer lifelines.
10402 Dams, embankments, and reservoirs.
10403 Seismic - resistant design of new treatment facilities and pump stations.
10404 Water storage facilities.
10405 Earthquake and buried pipelines : Mexico city 1985 and beyond.
10406 A seismic assessment of an existing water treatment plant and an existing waste reclamation plant, salt lake city, utah.
10407 Seismic risk to water and sewage lifeline systems.
10408 Reducing the effetcs of seismic hazards to segmented and jointed pipelines.
10429 Food security strategies under drought hazard : A case study of Milamperumawa.
10430 Craft in the aftermath of disaster : Generating independence as well as incomes.
10432 Flood control embankments contribute to the improvement of the health status of children in rural Bangladesh.
10456 Segurança global da populaçâo.
12111 Brief introduction of China National Committee for IDNDR.
12164 Report of the damage caused by the Mid-North Iwate earthquake of september 3, 1998.
12165 Relationship between geomorphological land classification and soil amplification ratio based on JMA strong motion records.
12166 Estimation of strong ground motion in the 1995 Kobe earthquake based on building damage data.
12167 Liquefaction tests of toyoura sand measuring change of quasi-elastic deformation properties.
12168 Sub-structuring pseudo-dynamic tests on a combination of semi-rigid steel frame and hysteretic damper.
12169 Substructuring pseudo-dynamic simulations on real inelastic responses of steel braced frame monitored during moderate earthquake.
12170 Dynamic behavior of large suspended facilities in large enclosures.
12171 INCEDE : At the end of a decade : Summarizing its 8-year activities.
12172 Applied element simulation for collapse analysis of structures.
12173 Simulation of buckling and post-buckling behavior of structures using applied element method.
12174 Urban space design and safety evaluation from viewpoint of evacuation behavior of users.
12393 UNDP and urban development cooperation.
12983 Applied Health Research in Emergency Settings.
13031 Turkey : Marmara earthquake assessment.
13034 Gender vulnerability to drought : A case study of the hausa social environment.
13206 Permanent post - disaster housing after twelve years.
13301 Earthen buildings and earthquakes.
13306 Planned testing program on the Roorkee shock table.
13313 Adobe construction and its performance in Southern California.
13316 Earthquakes and residential construction in Japan.
13343 Disaster preparedness, LDC volunteer development program management and technology transfer in earthquake zones.
13345 Improving earthen housing to better withstand earthquakes.
13348 Earthen buildings in seismic areas of Turkey.
13352 Adobe, its permitted uses and research needs.
13390 Promotion and public awareness activities IDNDR 1998 -1999 action plan evaluation and recommendations.
13597 Decreto no. 895, de 16 de agosto de 1993 : "Dispoe sobre a organizacao do Sistema Nacional de Defesa Civil (SINDEC)e dá outras providencias".
13856 Lessons from Cuba? Hurricane Michele.
14041 Holistic disaster recovery : Sources of information.
14093 Preliminary proposal for the activities program in the social disasters area.
14098 Organized behavior in disaster : A review essay.
14102 The social and political impact of natural disasters : The 1985 earthquake and grassroots sociopolitical mobilization in Mexico.
14103 Psycological consequences of disasters in Latin American : Implications for response and policy.
14162 Nicaragua : Assistance and cooperation from the international community during 1997-98, and the response to hurricane Mitch.
14169 Glossary of volcano and related terminology.
14200 Report of a review seminar : Humanitarian coordination : Lessons learned.
14912 Geophysical monitoring of Pacaya volcano.
14934 Guidelines for reducing flood losses.
15181 Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation.
15243 Assessing the role of lifeline systems in community disaster resilience.
15244 Comparison of water utility earthqueake mitigation practices.
15298 Report of the secretary-general to the security council on the protection of civilians in armed conflict.
15389 The State of Florida family preparedness guide.
15396 Repairing your flooded.
15563 Galera atenta não se acidenta!.
15564 Mapa de riscos múltiplos : Versão 2003.
15565 Manual do cidadão : Como proceder mas emergencias de inverno.
16264 Tsunami warning system in Japan.



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